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New Evidence That Vinegar May
Be An Effective Natural Fat-fighter

Researchers in Japan are reporting new evidence that the
ordinary vinegar, a staple in oil-and-vinegar salad dressings,
pickles, and other foods, may live up to its age-old reputation
in folk medicine as a health promoter. They are reporting new
evidence that vinegar can help prevent accumulation of body fat
and weight gain.

Vinegar has also been used as a folk medicine since ancient times.
People have used it for a range of ills. Modern scientific research
now suggests that ACETIC ACID, the main component of vinegar, may
help control blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and fat accumulation.

Their new study showed that laboratory mice fed a high-fat diet and
given Acetic Acid developed significantly less body fat (up to 10 percent
less) than other mice.

Most significantly, the new research adds evidence to the belief that
Acetic Acid fights fat by turning on genes for fatty acid oxidation enzymes.
The genes produce specific proteins involved in breaking down fats, thus
suppressing body fat accumulation in the body.

Journal reference:
Acetic Acid Upregulates the Expression of Genes for Fatty Acid Oxidation
Enzymes in Liver To Suppress Body Fat Accumulation.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2009;

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