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Resveratrol Demonstrates
Metabolic Benefits for Obese
Reports New Study

Naturally-Derived Polyphenol (Antioxidant) Known
To Help
Support Cardiovascular Health, Prevent
Diabetes and Now
Considered Beneficial For
Helping Promote More Efficient Metabolic Function
For Weight Loss.

Daily intakes of Resveratrol the Phytonutrient compound
from red
wine may improve the metabolic profile of people
with obesity, according to a new study
from Denmark.

Writing in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers
from Aarhus University report that Resveratrol changed the
production of certain compounds called adipokines from
human fat cells, and produced an anti-inflammatory effect.

The study is reported to be the first to in vitro suggest
resveratrol has anti-inflammatory effects on adipokine
expression and secretion in human fat tissue.

“Small interfering molecules such as resveratrol are in this
matter hypothesized to possess beneficial effects and might
improve the metabolic profile in human obesity,” wrote the
researchers, before adding that the results need to be
replicated in vivo.

Resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol and anti-fungal
phyto-chemical, is often touted as the bioactive compound
in grapes and red wine, and has particularly been associated
with the so-called ‘French Paradox’. The phrase, coined in
1992 by Dr Serge Renaud from Bordeaux University,
describes the low incidence of heart disease and obesity
among the French, despite their relatively high-fat diet and
levels of wine consumption.

Interest in the compound exploded in 2003 when a research
team from Harvard reported that Resveratrol was able to
increase the lifespan of yeast cells. The research, published
in Nature, was greeted with international media attention.
Other studies with Resveratrol have reported anti-cancer
effects, anti-inflammatory effects, cardiovascular benefits,
anti-diabetes potential, energy endurance enhancement
and protection against Alzheimer’s.

New Study Highlights Benefits For Resveratrol
Metabolic Syndrome
The new study sought to investigate if the compound’s
anti-inflammatory benefits extended to the low-grade

inflammatory state associated with obesity. This is
“characterized by abnormal levels of circulating
proinflammatory factors and an abnormal production
of bioactive factors/adipcytokines from the adipose
tissue”, explained the researchers, and these
adipocytokines are “suggested to have direct implications
for the development of the metabolic syndrome”.

Research scientists from the Department of Endocrinology
at Aarhus University Hospital examined the effects of
Resveratrol on levels of adipcytokines - particularly
interleukin 1beta (IL-1B) - in human adipose tissue explants.

When human fat cells were exposed to IL-1B, the
researchers noted increases in the secretion of pro-
inflammatory compounds, including IL6, IL8, MCP-1.
However, when the cells were simultaneously exposed
to resveratrol, a 16 to 36 percent reduction in the expression
of these cytokines was observed.

“Our results show that resveratrol ameliorates the
proinflammatory response in human adipose tissue
and increases adiponectin expression changes, which
is hypothetically beneficial, as adipose tissue from obese
individuals with metabolic syndrome, expresses lower
adiponectin levels and higher levels of proinflammatory
adipokines,” wrote the researchers.

“We are aware that it is difficult to compare in vitro
incubations and in vivo conditions, and especially it is
difficult to know whether the concentrations used in our
study are a meaningful in a clinical setting.

“However, the concentration used in our in vitro
experiments (50 mM) is similar to most other reports
on resveratrol effects in different cell types,” they added.

Source: International Journal of Obesity
Volume 34, Pages 1546-1553;
“Anti-inflammatory effect of resveratrol on
adipokine expression and secretion in human
adipose tissue explants”

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