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Share Your Knowledge...
Inform other health-minded people about how you keep fit and
support total wellness. How do you assure optimum daily nutritional
intake and what do you do to achieve your physical exercise goals?

As a Vitamin Power customer, we're offering a free invitation to join  
 POWER SHARE. It's an interactive online community where people
you can provide feedback, information and tips about fitness,
nutrition and how you succesfully maintain a healthy lifestyle.


POWER SHARE Online Health Community  
*  Participate in activities and sharing reliable information  
about achieving optimum fitness, health and wellness. 


Help guide people to make nutrition-wise decisions about
their dietary intake, including recommendations for specific
wholesome foods,  beverages and nutritional supplements. 


*  Inform other health-minded, fitness-focused people about
your most effective fitness and exercise programs;  Share your
knowledge and personal experiences within an
inter-active online
community. Tell us about your preferences for healthy recipes and
nutritionally-rich, wholesome food choices;  Discuss the most
important elements of your own
healthy lifestyle routines
and why you believe they yield the best long-term results.

POWER SHARE Mission and Objectives
Our mission is to enable people to share healthy lifestyle tips from their
own positive experiences such as: How do you maintain healthy weight?
Which nutritionally-rich foods do you include in your favorite healthy
recipes? Is there a dietary supplement regimen you reccomend?
What are the most effective exercise routines for getting maximum
cardio benefits, shedding fat and stimulating lean muscle tone.

Participating in this online community allows people worldwide,
to learn from the experience of others, to achieve their
fitness goals, consistently supporting overall health and wellness.

BALANCE OF POWER... The Key To Good Health
Maintaining optimal balance of nutrition and exercise is the key to
good health. P
utting the power of nutrition to work for you requires not
only vitamins and supplements, but selecting the
most nutritious foods
for your
regular dietary intake. O
ptimum nutritional intake supports
total wellness, helps protect against illness, while addressing
day-to-day common
healthcare concerns and conditions. 

We invite you to share your personal experience to empower other
Helping them get on a path to achieving their best levels
of fitness, health and wellness. Recommend safe, simple, effective
workout routines that don’t
necessarily require expensive
equipment, personal trainers or gym memberships.

Share healthy recipes for nutritious meals,
satisfying fruit and
vegetable  beverages... as well as nutrient-powered snacks to
energize, keep satisfied and contribute to keeping physically fit.

Show us what you do to maintain your best health, to be entered
for your chance to
win a $100
Vitamin Power product purchase
voucher and
be featured with your own page on

The Healthy Lifestyle POWER SHARE Audience...
*  Learns from your recommendations and successful personal experiences. 
*  Fellow Power Share participants share back with you what they've learned. 
*  Vitamin Power or its affiliates never sells your information to a third party.

To Enter Our POWER SHARE Contest Simply...
Upload your photo(s), short video or a written description of the dietary regimen
you follow to stay fit. Tell us about your recipes and food choices for nutritious meals,
salads, desserts,
between-meal snacks, fruit & vegetable smoothies, shakes, etc.

Include videos of your work-outs, exercise routines or
simply upload pictures of yourself being active.