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NUTRA TRIM 7 Multi-Nutrient Diet Booster

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Nutra Trim 7 Diet Booster Supplement

Nutra Trim 7 Diet Booster combines seven power factors in an all-in-one
natural dietary supplement. Packed with
food-derived nutrients, vitamins
and minerals,
Nutra Trim 7 can be used to enhance your dietary weight-
management plan.

Enabling Nutritional Weight Maintenance

Vitamin Power has created a supplement that helps your body
in important ways.

Discover the Benefits of Nutra Trim 7 Diet Booster

Nutra Trim 7 Diet Booster should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle that
includes a balanced diet and regular physical activity. It contains key
nutritional factors to help support natural weight management with support
from the following ingredients:

Chromium Picolinate (200 mcg) An essential micro-nutrient, Chromium
plays a vital role in the proper functioning of insulin, responsible for regulating
the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein.

Cider Vinegar (240 mg) An excellent natural source of Potassium and other
minerals, it is abundant in beneficial enzymes to assist fat metabolism and
also help eliminate toxins from the body.

Kelp (100 mg) Nutrient-rich plant-based food from the Pacific Ocean, Kelp
a valuable source of Iodine and other trace minerals for maintaining
proper cellular function and metabolism.

Herbal Complex (600 mg)  An ideal combination of fluid-reducing herbs:
Cornsilk, Parsley and Uva Ursi, to help alleviate water
retention that
causes uncomfortable bloating and weight gain.

Lecithin (1200 mg) Natures best source of Lipotrophic factors - Choline
and Inositol.

Vitamin B-6 (50 mg) Specific B-complex factor, Vitamin B-6 is an essential
component for the metabolism of fats, protein and carbohydrates. It also
acts as a mild diuretic to help reduce excess fluids from the body to relieve
uncomfortable bloating.

Nutra Trim 7 Diet Booster contains no stimulants or Ephedra,
no caffeine, corn, gluten, milk (dairy) products, salt, sodium, soy,
starch, sugar, wheat or yeast; No artificial colorings, flavorings
or preservatives.

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take one
Nutra Trim 7 Diet Booster tablet before each meal.

Healthy Guidelines For Successful, Long-Term Weight Control:

• As with all weight control programs, it is advisable to
  consult a physician or health professional before you begin.

• Keep accurate records of your weight loss…Weigh
  yourself regularly and determine body-fat composition.

• If you eat between meals, enjoy raw broccoli, cabbage,
  carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, lettuce or spinach
  to satisfy hunger pangs and boost valuable nutrient intake.
  As a dressing, simply use lemon juice or vinegar and olive
  oil with fresh-ground black pepper.

• Avoid unhealthy carbs, sugar, sweets, white bread, excess
  salt, alcoholic beverages and cola drinks. Drink only water,
  decaffeinated coffee and nutritious herbal teas.

• You may eat high-protein, lean meats such as poultry, lean
  beef or fish. Avoid “cold cuts” such as corned beef, bacon,
  salami, frankfurters, etc. because they’re high in saturated
  fats, unhealthy additives and preservatives.

Crucial for helping maintain your general health, mental function and

natural well-being: Depending on your own physical condition, it is
beneficial to participate in a sensible exercise program combining
both “Aerobic” and “Anaerobic” activities on a regular basis.

This is defined as exercise “with oxygen.” The oxygen is used
to produce new energy so the exercise can be continued over
long periods of time (15 minutes or longer.) These exercises
help achieve optimum cardiovascular fitness and can help
reduce body fat. Examples are swimming, jogging, skiing,
hiking, walking at a brisk pace, and bicycling.

These are exercises done in short, fast spurts. These exercises
can help to build muscle while improving speed, power and strength.
Examples of good Anaerobic Exercise are regular weight-training,
swimming 50 yards, running 100 yard sprints at a fast pace.